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What we do

These are the main services we offer. For details click here

Web Design & Development

We build stylish, fully functional websites that look good on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones

Logo Design

We design unique, eye-catching logos for a variety of personal and business branding uses

Business Card Design & Printing

We design and print simple, clean, highly effective business cards that go straight to the hearts and minds of your potential clients

Brochure, Flyer, Poster Design & Printing

Never underestimate the power and effectiveness of this tried and tested method of mass communication. Need to advertise some products or services to a large group of people with diverse backgrounds and in a short time? Then go this route.

Web Scraping

Ever needed to extract specific data from a web page but somehow copy and paste was not an option? Or needed a specific data set defined and organized by your own — as opposed to the website owner's — criteria? Then web scraping to the rescue! Simply put, this is data extraction from any source on the World Wide Web with the added bonus of organizing that data in whichever way you see fit for whatever reasons.

SEO & Content Marketing

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you have a website that you need to properly set up for search engines such as Google or Microsoft's Bing to properly index, therefore increasing the chances of it appearing in search results then it needs to be optimized for exactly that. Content marketing, in its simplest form, is creating useful, original content on your website that you offer free of charge to your site visitors. By so doing you allow search engines to index your pages and your site visitors to share links to your pages, therefore doing the marketing for you.

What clients say

We work around the clock to make sure clients get what they want on time and at an affordable price. Here's what some of our clients say about us and our services. Click on a client's photo to read their testimonial.

  1. Jezz Mnjala
  2. Raymond Mghendi
  3. Kepher Luhombo
  4. Steve Ted Jr.
  5. Hebron Nyange
  • Well, I was referred to VPDWEB by a friend who had good things to say about their services. But I just wanted a simple logo done. I called them up, we met, talked about a side project and a few days later I had myself a beautiful, simple logo which looked good in colour as it did in black and white. Since then these are my go to guys for most of my design stuff.

    — Jezz Mnjala

  • I’m the Manager at St Thomas Church Ufanisi Training Institute in Kilifi, North Coast. I met Victor through a friend while I was looking for someone to build a website for our college. He quickly mocked up a series of designs in Photoshop over several meetings we had in the following days. I liked the designs and he went on to build the website, integrating it into Wordpress so that we could be doing updates ourselves. He made the whole process seem so much simpler and quicker than I had thought initially.

    — Raymond Mghendi

  • I’m the Minister at a small church in Shimoni, South Coast. VPDWEB have been very invaluable in helping me design a series of advertisement material for church functions. The great thing about our relationship is that we rarely have to meet face to face. I simply call them up, tell them what I need, and a few email attachments later we settle on a final design which they quickly print, package and send over by post. It’s that simple. Their rates are also affordable compared to the people I’ve dealt with in the past.

    — Kepher Luhombo

  • I’ve known Victor for the better part of five years and in that time he’s designed for me a business card, a logo and advertisement flyers for my farming business. I’ve been very impressed by the nature of his work - the level of commitment, professionalism and creativity he shows are things which I find lacking in most people in the design business. I highly recommend his services to anyone who values quality work.

    — Steve Ted Jr.

  • I approached Victor with an offer to write me a web scraper that could collect specific job vacancy advertisements from several online sites here in the country and give me the results in a neat way that I could quickly digest. He said yes and wrote me a program in Python, installed it on my laptop and it did more than what I expected. I could filter results by salary, location, or whatever criteria was available. This was an invaluable tool. I have a job now but my friends use it from time to time. Sometimes I fire it up just for fun to see the results the program comes up with. I’ll definitely hook up with them for future projects.

    — Hebron Nyange